Andrea Aler Tubella


Postdoctoral Researcher at Umeå University


I am a postdoc at Umeå University. I work with Virginia Dignum in a WASP project focused on the formal verification of ethical principles of AI systems.

My research areas include logic and proof theory (in particular deep inference). I am interested in the design of formalisms and systems, as well as in applications of logic in intelligent systems.

Previously, I was a postdoc at IRIF (Univ. Paris Diderot).

I obtained a PhD from the University of Bath under the supervision of Alessio Guglielmi. Before that, I did a MASt in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge (part iii of the mathematical tripos), and even before that I studied an undergraduate in Mathematics at the University of Barcelona.

You can reach me at andrea dot aler at umu dot se . You can find me in room D418, 4th floor of MIT-huset in Umeå University.



Contestable Black Boxes, with Andreas Theodorou, Virginia Dignum and Loizos Michael. RuleML+RR 2020.

The Glass Box Approach: Verifying Contextual Adherence to Values, with Virginia Dignum. AISafety 2019.

Governance by Glass-Box: Implementing Transparent Moral Bounds for AI Behaviour, with Andreas Theodorou, Frank Dignum and Virginia Dignum. IJCAI’19.

Subatomic Proof Systems: Splittable Systems, with Alessio Guglielmi. ACM Trans. Comput. Logic 19, 1, Article 5 (January 2018). ArXiv.

Removing Cycles from Proofs, with Alessio Guglielmi and Benjamin Ralph. CSL 2017, Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics (LIPIcs) 82, pp. 9:1–18.

A study of normalisation through subatomic logic, Thesis (Revised version, 2018). 10-page summary. Shortlisted by the E.W. Beth Dissertation Prize 2018.

Selected Slides


Systems Architecture 1 (2015, 2016), Foundations of Computation 2 (2014), Algebra 2 (2014), Algebra 1 (2013).