Andrea Aler Tubella


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I am a researcher and teacher at UPC at EPSEM.

My research includes design, impact and education around AI. I am particularly interested in multidisciplinary perspectives, and how collaboration and insights from various disciplines can inform and improve the impacts of intelligent systems. My background is in logic, and my interests also span the design of formalisms and systems, as well as applications of logic for intelligent systems.

You can reach me at andrea dot aler at upc dot edu .

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Selected Publications

How to teach responsible AI in Higher Education: challenges and opportunities, with Marçal Mora-Cantallops and Juan Carlos Nieves. Ethics and Information Technology.

ACROCPoLis: A Descriptive Framework for Making Sense of Fairness, with Dimitri Coelho Mollo, Adam Dahlgren Lindström, Hannah Devinney, Virginia Dignum, Petter Ericson, Anna Jonsson, Timotheus Kampik, Tom Lenaerts, Julian Alfredo Mendez, Juan Carlos Nieves. FAccT 2023.

Beyond the Binary: Queering AI for an Inclusive Future, with Evelina Liliequist, Karin Danielsson and Coppélie Cocq. ACM Interactions, 2023.

Ethical implications of fairness interventions: what might be hidden behind engineering choices?, with Flavia Barsotti Rüya Gökhan Koçer and Julian Alfredo Mendez. Ethics and Information Technology, 2022.

Contestable Black Boxes, with Andreas Theodorou, Virginia Dignum and Loizos Michael. RuleML+RR 2020.

Governance by Glass-Box: Implementing Transparent Moral Bounds for AI Behaviour, with Andreas Theodorou, Frank Dignum and Virginia Dignum. IJCAI’19.

Subatomic Proof Systems: Splittable Systems, with Alessio Guglielmi. ACM Trans. Comput. Logic, 2018. ArXiv.

Selected Slides


You can find all slides and assignments on Canvas.