• A study of normalisation through subatomic logic.
  • SYSMICS workshop in Vienna, February 2018. Slides.

  • Subatomic Proof Systems. 
  • 1st WiL workshop, in Iceland. June 2017. Slides.

  • Decomposition and cycles: isolating two complexity-generating mechanisms. 
  • FISP kick-off in Innsbruck. November 2016.  Slides.

  • Generalising cut elimination through subatomic proof systems, or the math stuff that I do.
  • Talk for a general computer science audience at the departmental seminar in the University of Bath. July 2016. Slides.

  • Generalising cut elimination through subatomic proof systems. 
  • PCC 2016 in Munich. May 2016. Abstract. Slides.

  • Generalising cut-elimination through Subatomic Logic.
  • ALCOP 7, 2016 in Vienna. April 2016. Slides.

  • A Generalised cut-elimination Procedure through Subatomic Proof Systems. 
  • WENPS 2015 in Bath. December 2015. Slides.

  • Subatomic Proof Systems.
  • PCC 2015 in Oslo. May 2015. AbstractSlides.


    I am a postdoc at Umeå University. I work with Virginia Dignum in a WASP project focused on the formal verification of ethical principles of AI systems.

    My research areas include deep  inference, category theory and proof theory, and in particular the design of formalisms and systems and their geometrical representations.

    Previously, I have been a postdoc at IRIF and done a PhD with Alessio Guglielmi. Before that, I did part iii at the University of Cambridge, and an undergraduate in Mathematics at the University of Barcelona.

    You can reach me at andrea dot aler at umu dot se .