Selected Talks

  • A story of multiplicatives and additives.

5th International Workshop on Structures and Deduction, June 2019. Invited talk. Slides.

  • New normal forms for proofs via deep inference.

Journées PPS 2018, November 2018. Slides.

  • A study of normalisation through subatomic logic.

SYSMICS workshop, February 2018. Slides.

  • Subatomic Proof Systems. 

1st WiL workshop, June 2017. Slides.

  • Decomposition and cycles: isolating two complexity-generating mechanisms. 

FISP kick-off, November 2016.  Slides.

  • Generalising cut elimination through subatomic proof systems, or the math stuff that I do.

Talk for a general computer science audience at the departmental seminar in the University of Bath. July 2016. Slides.

  • Generalising cut elimination through subatomic proof systems. 

PCC 2016, May 2016. Abstract. Slides.

  • Generalising cut-elimination through Subatomic Logic.

ALCOP 7, April 2016. Slides.

  • A Generalised cut-elimination Procedure through Subatomic Proof Systems. 

WENPS 2015, December 2015. Slides.

  • Subatomic Proof Systems.

PCC 2015, May 2015. AbstractSlides.